Younique Mascara Review – Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+

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Welcome to my Younique Mascara Review!

This is my unbiased opinion, as I am not a Younique Presenter.

I am sure you have seen the buzz going around about Younique’s Mascara and becoming a presenter.

So I joined Younique last year as a presenter, and received the “Presenter Kit.”

I wasn’t really interested in promoting the company, since I already have successful online businesses.  I just wanted to find make-up that did not irritate my skin or eyes.

Make sure you read all the way to the end, because I am going to take one of the hardest parts out of starting your business!!

Younique Mascara Review

Younique Mascara Review – Company Overview


Younique is the creation of Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, as a matter of fact they are brother and sister team.   The company started in 2012 and has grown progressively since.

They are not a traditional home party business model, because they utilize social media events to schedule parties online.  Home parties are awesome but most people don’t want to leave their house to attend them.  Anyone can enjoy a nice flash sale or party from the comfort of their home.  You can actually set up your virtual parties in your back office, and there isn’t any quotas to meet or limit to how many people you can invite.  The presenters will teach you about the Law of Attractionand ways you can apply it to your business.

Their mission statement is, “uplift, empower, and validate women” all over the world.

That is what I loved most about this company.  All the women are so helpful and caring.  Everyone in the company shares information, training, techniques that are working for their business and much more.  Needless to say, I have learned a lot for my own business from these women.

The company’s research team refers to mother nature for high quality products that encourage inner and outer beauty. With a goal to provide clean, pure, and healthy cosmetics.

Younique Mascara Review

This image is from the official Younique Website.

Younique Mascara Review – Products & Presenter Kit

Younique Mascara Review

New Presenter Kit Price: $99 USD, $119 CA, £67 GBP

  • 1 Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+
  • 1 Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palette (palette will vary)
  • Angled Shadow / Sponge Brush
  • Beachfront Self-Tanning Body Lotion
  • Splurge Cream Shadow in Elegant
  • Cream Shadow Brush
  • Shine Eye Makeup Remover Cloths
  • Skin Care Sampler
  • Foundation Sampler
  • Bronzer Sampler
  • Pigment Sampler
  • Blush Sampler
  • Lip Gloss Sampler (Set of 10)
  • Lip Stain Sampler (Set of 7)
  • Shade Stick
  • White Charm
  • Black Oval Presenter Case
  • Presenter Guide
  • Catalog

Younique Mascara Review

In my opinion, the presenter kit is the best deal.

If you would like to view the other products, click here.

Younique Mascara Review – Compensation Plan

Younique also provides an opportunity to change your life financially while uplifting and empowering women all over the world.

Like I said above, you can host an online virtual party without any quotas to reach.

The compensation plan also known as the Younique Royalties Program™ contains different statuses for as levels.  A presenter qualifies for each status level by their monthly Personal Retail Sales (PRS).

Younique Mascara Review

Younique’s Instant Royalty system pays instantly, so you don’t have to wait for your earnings to clear.   Once you hit $50 in Royalties, then they will send you their Younique Debit Card.

Younique Mascara Review – Incentives

Party Rewards

Hostesses for your parties will receive reward points and half price items depending on their party’s sales.  They are really simple to redeem.  It will show on their next order with you.

Trip Incentive

Every year the founders of the company has a cruise for qualifying presenters.  The cruise is for two people, you and a plus one!  Qualifying presenters is determined by PRS.  Presenters can track their points in their backoffice.

Younique Mascara Review – The Verdict

In conclusion of this Younique Mascara Review, I think it is a great opportunity with some great products too!  I love the make-up!  I’ve also learned how to do my make-up!  It’s rare that I find mascara that doesn’t make my eyes water the entire time.

I promised I would take one hard decision out of starting your business, and that’s giving you a recommendation for an amazing presenter to join.  I guess my opinion here is a little biased, but it’s important to join a team that you know is going to teach you and provide support!

Sarah Roemmich is from Canada and a nurse by trait!  We met online in a mommy group on Facebook almost 3 years ago.   We both started our home based businesses around the same time in November 2014.   I have watched Sarah grow from a brand new presenter to an Elite Green Status Presenter in less than one year.

Sarah’s why:

Younique Mascara Review“I wanted to buy the mascara.  I bought the presenter kit, since it was cheaper that way.  After a few months, I started seeing women around me having success, but knew nothing about an online business or selling.  I knew I was on Facebook a lot, so I figured I might as well.

When I started looking into how to become successful, I started seeing successful people doing it and retiring their husbands.  That’s when I realized this could be a life changing opportunity.  My vision grew at that moment, because I too, wanted to retire my husband.

I started focusing on personal development and positive thinking.  My self-esteem was so much better inside and out.  I started feeling better about myself, because I was doing something for me and my family.

I made a goal to hit Green Status by December 2015, and I reached my goal in November 2015.  A challenge always makes me work harder!!

I love this company because of its mission statement, “to uplift and empower women.”  There isn’t competition between us and everyone helps everyone.  I wanted to join a company that was built on a mission, furthermore products came second.  Integrity is important to me.

I am looking for girls that want to change their life!”

To join Sarah’s team, click here.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.   \

Feel free to share if you know someone looking for an opportunity or Younique products!

To YOUR success,

Denise Kirksey

Learn How to Make Money Online Without Recruiting A Single Person with my #1 Business Opportunity.

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    Thank you so much Denise! I look forward to helping more women start their own businesses!! If anyone would like more information, feel free to contact me via my personal Facebook page:
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