TeaCopia Review – Real Tea Home Based Business Company?

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TeaCopia Review – Real Tea Home Based Business Company?

Welcome to this TeaCopia Review.

I am writing this review on Teacopia today, because I have recently seen the buzz of the launch on social media lately.

You’ve come to the right place, because I am going to go over the products, how much it really costs to join, and the compensation plan.

We all hate when we get excited about something, to only find out there are more fees and qualifications that we should have known about.

What is the company about?

What kind of products would I be selling?

How much does it cost to start?

How much will I get paid in commissions?

TeaCopia Review – Company Overview

TeaCopia is a home based business, multi level marketing company that launched December 5, 2017 and offers health and wellness products.

TeaCopia’s teas are 100% completely natural, and teas have been known for thousands of years for their medicinal properties.

So you would be promoting better health and energy, stress and anxiety, and things like that.

Host home tea parties and earn commissions while selling herble teas.

TeaCopia Review – Products

  • Energy Tea – $5.85 Three Tea Bag Sample Pack
  • Sleep Tea – $5.85 Three Tea Bag Sample Pack
  • Detox Tea – $5.85 Three Tea Bag Sample Pack
  • Stress & Anxiety Tea – $5.85 Three Tea Bag Sample Pack
  • Arthritis & Joint Pain Tea – $5.85 Three Tea Bag Sample Pack
  • Feel Good Tea – $5.85 Three Tea Bag Sample Pack

It appears everything else is out of stock as of 1/7/2018.

TeaCopia Review – Cost To Join Consultant

It is $10.00 to start selling TeaCopia as a consultant only.  This is for the people that do not want to keep an inventory or go to craft fairs or farmers markets. Specifically for the online promoters.

  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Consultant Dashboard & Website
  • All Consultant Back Office Features
  • No Quotas

It is $29.99 for a consultant sampler kit.  This kit gives you all the samples you’d want to try for yourself and show potential customers.

  • 3 Tea Bags of Each Tea
  • 30x Catalog Menus
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Consultant Dashboard & Website
  • All Consultant Back Office Features
  • No Quotas

Value: $67.10

It is $99.00 for the consultant start up kit.  It is designed to have 14 days samples of each tea to take orders at events.

  • 14 Day Supply of Each Tea
  • 250x Sample Cups
  • 50x Catalog Menus
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • Consultant Dashboard & Website
  • All Consultant Back Office Features
  • No Quotas

Value: $179

TeaCopia Review – Compensation Plan

What is TeaCopia’s Compensation plan pay their consultants?

Consultants are paid through paypal.

TeaCopia Review – The Verdict

The company, TeaCopia hasn’t been out long enough to say whether it’s going to be a good company or not.  I will definitely keep you posted on that though.

The compensations plan isn’t bad if you are selling to CUSTOMERS and making a 25% commission on your sales.  It seems that most people do not know the difference between their commissions though.

Most people you get to know and sell tea to will want to join your team, because then they’ll receive a discount on their own purchases.  So once they join your team then the commission will convert to a 5% Level 1 (Personal Sponsor) commission (refer to the picture above).

My experience in Country Scents Candles is once a person joins my team, then I receive a 6% commission instead of 25% and it’s not a very big commission, but then my new team member gets a 25% discount on their candles!  It’s free to join this business also, so why wouldn’t I tell people to join for the discount?

It’s inexpensive to join TeaCopia to promote online; but unless you already have a large following or marketing experience, then it’s going to take time to build your income on 6% commissions.

TeaCopia Review – Discover This No Recruiting Opportunity For Only $3

Are you looking for something that doesn’t involve recruiting to make money?  Don’t want to host in home parties?   where newbies are earning $300+ a day without recruiting or talking anyone into buying anything.

To your success,


Please leave a comment if you have any questions.



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