Digital Altitude Review – Is Legit Or A Huge Scam?

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Welcome to my Digital Altitude Review!

I stumbled across Digital Altitude from a business friend, but I did not ask him about it right away.  Even though I trust his opinion 100%.

I started receiving messages and emails daily about my opinion on this company, Digital Altitude.

That was when I asked business friend what he was doing.  I am not going to lie, I liked what I heard.

Let’s get down to the bottom of whether Digital Altitude is legit or a huge scam.

Digital Altitude Review – Company Overview


Digital Altitude is an online training course created by Michael Force.  Michael Force is a 7 figure earner online that has been extremely successful in affiliate marketing and coaching others to duplicate his success.

The course is designed to help entrepreneurs build or take their business to the next level.  Whether you are new to your online business or a leader in this industry, this is a great opportunity for you.

What makes this business opportunity unique is the training.

The foundation of the training is focused on your .  The right mindset is the most important factor for every entrepreneur.

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Digital Altitude Review – Products

Like any other company, it’s designed around the products.

Everyone begins with an Aspire Membership.  Which is their Digital Business Sales System of networking, live events, and coaching.

  1. Start-up, set-up and promote your business with Digital Business Training videos.
  2. Private one on one calls with the world’s best coaches, who will help you reach your goals.
  3. Exclusive access to our network of business leaders and experts, to coach you all the way to success.
  4. Branding solutions for more conversions and sales.
  5. Learn how to follow-up, automate and leverage your effort for bigger profits.
  6. Automated sales funnels and websites designed by 7-figure marketers to automate the sales process.
  7. Traffic is the most important part of any online business.  Learn how to generate traffic and utilize social media.
  8. High commission back-end products for you, to leverage top-tier commissions while you learn to grow your business.
  9. Stay up to date on advancing tools and resources.
  10. Live chats, support, and forums any time you need.

Aspire Levels

Walker: $37 a month:

  • Access to the Members Area.
  • Start-up Training videos for your business.
  • One tier payout with 40% commissions on each sale.

Hiker: $67 a month: (Walker included)

  • Monthly Conference Calls.
  • Weekly Training.
  • Live Hiker Training
  • Sales Assistance
  • Tools and Resources
  • Client for Life Coaches
  • Two tiers of payout with up to 50% commissions on each sale

Climber: $127 a month: (Walker & Hiker included)

  • Live Climber Training
  • Additional Sales Funnels
  • Done For You Solutions
  • Traffic Solutions
  • Client For Life Coaches
  • Training, Resources, and Tools
  • Three tiers of payout with up to 60% commissions on each sale

Affiliate Membership: $17 a month

Base Membership – $597

The Base level membership is designed take out the intimidation of building your business, setting goals, your financials, and building a brand online with shortcuts, tools, and resources to establish your digital business’ success.

This level contains 3 sections with 12 different training modules.


This section “takes the pain out of” the startup phase by laying a solid foundation for lasting success.

  • #1 Setting the right business goals and preparing for your path to success.
  • #2 The fundamentals: business planning, entity formation, business banking & accounting made easy.
  • #3 Create captivating branding and design that kicks your sales engine into overdrive.
  • #4 Establishing your web presence for massive traffic & conversions.


These modules are designed to lay the right foundation for the first 3 months of your business, setting you on the best course early.

  • #5: How to launch your business so loud the customers come running.
  • #6: How to create a killer social media campaign to get the word Out.
  • #7: The 5 key secrets of analytics that fire up results.
  • #8: The 5 things every entrepreneur must do when launching a business.


This section instills the most important principles for continued, even increased growth after your launch.

  • #9: How to run lean, bootstrap & optimize your business for long-term profits.
  • #10: Create a captivating customer experience that reels ’em in and keeps ’em hooked.
  • #11: How to build a cult-like-tribe that hangs on your every word.
  • #12: How to build automated systems that save time and make you money while you sleep.

The Digital Altitude Base Level is $597, one time payment.

Rise Membership – $1,997

The Rise level membership is designed to take you from the basic level training to the advanced mastery course.

This level contains 5 sections with 19 training modules.


Learning to market is scary!!  Once you learn, you are set for life.

  • #1: Making A Commitment To Success As A Marketer In The Digital Age.
  • #2: The Fundamental Mindset Shift That Will Generate More Success Than Any Other.
  • #3: How To Use The Irrationality Of The Market To Your Favor To Create Buzz For Your Products.
  • #4: The 80/20 Rule Of Customers: How To Find The “Elusive 20%” Who Generate 80% Of Your Sales, And How This Can Free You.


This section teaches you how to get to know your customers.  Without customers, you do not have a business!

  • #5: How To Identify The Emotional Trigger Buttons In Your Prospects That Practically “Force” Them to Buy.
  • #6: How To Identify And Attract The Perfect Customer 99% Of The Time.
  • #7: How To Harness The Timeless Art Of Direct Response To Lower Customer Acquisition Costs.
  • #8: Why The Unique Demands Of The Information Age Require You To Become An “Educational Marketer.”


Learn how to create messages that make your customers want to own your product or services.

  • #9: How To Create A Brand Name That Sticks In Your Customers’ Mind Like A Catchy Pop Song.
  • #10: How To Instantly Trigger A Powerful Desire In Your Customers’ Minds That Almost “Forces” Them To Buy.
  • #11: How To Create Tiered Marketing And Product Sequencing To Capture Repeat Sales.
  • #12: How To Create A FREE Tripwire Front End Product That Will Have Your Visitors hungry To Join Your List.


Learn how to write and attract prospects with powerful profit pulling words.

  • #13: Discover The Secrets Behind High-Converting Headlines That Pull More Sales.
  • #14: Get Your Audience To Relate To You With A Personalized Brand Story And Build Credibility & Trust.
  • #15: How To Craft Killer Copy That Will Sell Anything, Even If You’re Not A Good Writer.
  • #16: How To Craft The Perfect Marketing Message To Attract The Perfect Customer.


Learn how to network with like-minded individuals.  Aligning myself with the right people in this industry has taken my business to the next level.

  • #17: How To Easily Create Ads That Generate Massive Response And Boost Your Sales.
  • #18: How To Partner With Others To Sell More Of Your Products And Services.
  • #19: 3 Simple Steps To More–And Better–Referrals.

The Digital Altitude Rise Level is $1,997, one time payment.

Ascend Membership – $9,997

The Ascend level membership is a 3 day retreat for 2 to connect and learn one on one from top business leaders.

First Day:  Traffic is the absolute most important aspect in internet marketing.   Learn how to find and scale traffic with the high converting funnels and strategies.

Second Day:   Your brand is very important to your business.  Learn how to craft your personal brand and story, and become a legend.

Third Day:   Incorporate everything you have learned about traffic and branding, and learn about increased conversions, create content, outsource tasks, and build a team to leverage your time.  Time is money in any business.

The Digital Altitude Ascend Level is $9,997, one time payment.

Peak Membership – $16,997

The Peak level membership is a 5 day retreat for 2, and it brings the world’s top leaders in business success, management, and leadership directly to you.

First Day:   Learn how to scale your business to the next level and create more profit in the shortest amount of time.

Second Day:   Learn how to build your business on a solid foundation in accounting and management for future success.

Third Day:   Learn how to increase sales within your business to ensure a profitable, long-term Digital enterprise.

Fourth Day:   Learn how to increase your business’ efficiency to maximize your sales and conversions over the long run.

Fifth Day:  Learn the winning entrepreneurship strategies as well as mistakes to avoid.  In these 4 modules you’ll hear real stories of businesses “crashing and burning” and learn how you can avoid them.

The Digital Altitude Peak Level is $16,997, one time payment.

Apex Membership – $27,997

The Apex level membership is a 7 day retreat for 2 where you’ll learn the art of wealth building, real estate and asset management from the undisputed champions of these industries. Simply the best business training event in the world.

First Day:  Learn how the richest entrepreneurs put systems in place to build their “dream” lifestyles.

Second Day:  Master the investing secrets Wall Street DOES NOT want you to know about.

Third Day:  Receive training on how to create long-term wealth, and keep it growing for decades, all thanks to the power of intelligent investing.

Fourth Day:  Learn how the wealthy think and how to harness their mindset yourself for more success.  Think like a rich person and you’ll likely end up rich.

Fifth Day:  Get into the nuts and bolts of wealth creation and how to build a solid foundation.  Learn to master all the little things we have to stay on top of your financial gain, and you are set for life!

Sixth Day:  Learn how to legally protect yourself from the profit predators and  keep your legacy safe.

Seventh Day:  Learn in-depth on real estate, and how to leverage those assets to create a long-term legacy that will last for generations.

The Digital Altitude Apex Level is $27,997, one time payment.

I’ve been to business events before, and none of them come close to these Digital Altitude retreats.

Digital Altitude Review – Additional Products

  • Guru You: Tools for branding and social media that includes head shots, director videos, help with setting up social media etc.
  • Inbound:  You will learn about blogging and content, and receive a blog.  This ranges from $15 to $1500 per month depending on how crazy you want to go.
  • Traffic & Funnel Products:  You can get traffic packages so you can build a list of subscribers that are ready to buy.  There are 12 products and services in total here.

I hope you are still with me!!  I know that was a lot of information, but I wanted to make sure you see how awesome this really is.

Digital Altitude Review – Compensation Plan

Digital Altitude has a total of 60 ways to generate an income including residual income.


Walker:  Tier 1:  40$ = $15 per month commissions.

Hiker:  Tier 1:  40% = $27 per month commission

Tier 2:  10% = $7 per month commission

Climber:  Tier 1:  45% =  $76 per month commission

Tier 2:  10% = $13 per month commission

Tier 3:  5% = $6 per month commission

You must be at the Climber level to receive commissions on all 3 tiers totaling 60% for the Aspire Levels.

The Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak, and Apex levels pay out 60% over 3 tiers also.

If you need help closing a sale, then take off 20% off the first tier.

Digital Altitude Review – Summary

Like I said above, I really liked what I heard!

Lets face it though, unless you have a huge following, know how to recruit, or a large amount to invest, then it’s probably going to be difficult to make money in this company.

Are you tired of trying to recruit and bugging your friends and family with your newest opportunity?

Digital Altitude Review –

Discover How To Start Your Amazon FBA Business For Only $3

Are you looking for something that doesn’t involve recruiting to make money?  Don’t want to host in home parties?   where newbies are earning $300+ a day without recruiting or talking anyone into buying anything.

Connect with me on social media, so you can see I am a real person!




If you have any questions about Digital Altitude, then don’t be afraid to leave a comment below.

To your Success,

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  • Reply Ryan November 26, 2016 at 3:14 pm

    Are you still in DA? I am joined at the $37.00/month level and I’m really wanting to go in at the Rise level, but I don’t want to get scammed. I’m pretty much completely ignorant of internet marketing and i’ve heard DA is for the more advanced. Is that true? I really want to get out of the 9-5, or the trading money for time lifestyle.

  • Reply Whitney July 12, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    This was very helpful in making a good decision and I feel very informed.

    • Reply MarketingMom July 12, 2016 at 9:47 pm

      Thank you! So happy it helped!

  • Reply July 12, 2016 at 8:21 pm

    I joined! Honestly, this is a true value and an asset to anyone that runs their own business!

    • Reply MarketingMom July 12, 2016 at 9:47 pm

      Welcome to the team!!

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