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You must do what you love.

By doing what you love, you inspire & awaken the hearts of others.

Hello, I am The Marketing Mom,

Lovely to meet you!!

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my site!

My name is .  I am a mother to an active 3-year-old boy, entrepreneur, blogger and enjoy internet marketing.

Before my internet business days, I was a dental assistant by trait.  When I lived in South Carolina, I made great money as a dental assistant.  Then I moved to Florida to be closer to my family.  I knew there had to be a better way for me to make more money, and I couldn’t settle for $9/hour for the trait I specialized in.

My epilepsy also doesn’t really allow me to work a regular 9-5.

My sole mission is to help and create entrepreneurs; by providing information, training, tools, and tips to those who are thinking of starting a business, those who are in the process of starting a business, and those who have already started a business, but need assistance.   To be honest, anyone and everyone is invited!

One of the biggest problems I would run into when trying to figure out how I could make money from home was trying to find information.  I don’t know about you, but I was scared to give out my credit card number.  What if they stole all the money I had?  Then I would be worse off than where I was.

Now my goal is to provide accurate information for all of you and all in one place.   That way it isn’t so overwhelming when you are making such an important decision for yourself and your entire family.

The Marketing Mom – You Deserve All The Information Before You Join!

I tried many different opportunities over the last 10 years, but could never find the proper guidance to make any money online.  Everyone made it sound so simple!  Just talk to your friends and family about it.  I didn’t want to bug my friends or family to join my businesses.  I wanted a business online!!   Although now I have helped some of my friends from high school start their online businesses!

It wasn’t until I found this business model, that I actually made money online.    I was capable of making money online from my home once I found something that I enjoyed and was passionate about.

When I am not working on my businesses, I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, going to the beach with my other mommy friends, and traveling.

Through this website, I hope to motivate and inspire as many people as I can to transform their lives for the better.  My posts in this blog will mostly be training, tips and strategies, marketing tactics and tools, and other opportunities to make money.  I like to keep our team informed with all the new tips & tricks and tools to leverage their businesses.

Thank you for visiting.  My site is constantly changing so I encourage you to visit often, leave comments, ask questions, and get involved!

– The Marketing Mom

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