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Welcome to my You Got Shoes Review!!

I’ve recently seen this direct sales company on social media lately. It caught my attention, so I started researching into it like any other responsible distributor would do. I get so frustrated while trying to find company’s compensation plan or structure. It seems like it’s top secret information that you have to join the company to receive.

That’s why I like to do the research, and put all the information in one spot for everyone.

You Got Shoes Review – Company Overview

You Got Shoes is a direct sales company that focuses on selling women’s shoes.  They are partnered with Guilty Soles Women’s Shoes, and together manufacture shoes in several international factories.  They were initially an affiliate program for Guilty Soles Women’s Shoes successfully for two years, before deciding to create their own brand.

You Got Shoes Review – Cost To Join

Fashionista Starter kit – $99

  • Welcome Guide
  • YouGotShoes collection guide
  • A pair of gorgeous shoes of your choice
  • $250 in YouGotShoes Gift Cards
  • Order forms
  • Custom business cards designed by our design team
  • Weekly training
  • Home office support

There aren’t any monthly fees or minimums to stay in the company.

There is actually a waiting list to join You Got Shoes right now.   You Got Shoes is maxed out at 300 consultants.

You Got Shoes Review – Compensation Plan

Consultants earn 25-30% for every pair of shoe sold. Once a referral purchases a starter kit, make sure they enter your email address when filling out the referral section.

A Jr. Fashionista is a sales rep that has made less than $300 in sales, and they make 25% in commissions. Once a sales rep makes $300 in sales, then they are an official Fashionista that makes 30% in commissions.

You Got Shoes Review – Conclusion

If you love shoes, then this is the company for you.

Although, I would never promote a company that I had to remind my referrals to put my username in when they join, because the majority of people do not pay attention to small details like that.  I haven’t joined this company; so I am not 100% sure how important it is for everyone to add your username when they join, but it says it on the companies website.

The online support chat has given me an e-mail to send my questions to each time.

The compensation plan is good compared to other companies I have been researching lately like Country Scents Candles.

It really depends what you are looking for and passionate about.

You Got Shoes Review – Is $99 To Much To Join a Business?

Are you looking for something that doesn’t involve recruiting to make money?  Don’t want to host in home parties?   where newbies are earning $300+ a day without recruiting or talking anyone into buying anything.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

To Your Success,

The Marketing Mom




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