SmashFund Review – Legit Crowdfunding Site or Huge Scam?

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Welcome to my SmashFund Review.

I’ve started seeing SmashFund being promoted on Facebook, and decided to look into it.

Chances are you have also seen it on social media, and wondering if it’s worth investing your time or money.

You have come to the right place, because I have done a lot of research.   I am going to lay it all out for you.  That way you can make an informative opinion for yourself.

SmashFund is a crowdfunding layout.

SmashFund Review – What is crowdfunding?

is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, today often performed via Internet, but the concept can also be executed through mail-order subscriptions, benefit events, and other methods.  A form of alternative finance, which has emerged outside of the traditional financial system.

It is becoming a new development with the use of social media.

SmashFund Review – The Company

SmashFund was created by Rob Towles.  In the past, Rob Towles was CEO of a few other companies.  For example, Efusion.  Rob Towles was actually sued, and the doors were closed when the lawsuit was settled.

It is an invite only crowdfunding merged with a social media network.  According to the owner and founders, it’s the first crowdfunding platform with a social media network.

The idea is if you have a passion, then this will fund projects and charities for businesses.

In November 2015, they did a beta launch to seek out what people were looking for.  In January 2016, they rebranded the company, and relaunched the beta version in March 2016.  The company officially launched August 1, 2016.

This is not a multi level marketing, network marketing, or affiliate marketing.  Even though it seems a lot like it.

Where does the money come from?  The revenue shares from the company.  Smashfund takes up to 80% of the revenue and gives it back to the members.

also known as Rev Sharing is the splitting of operating profits between the general partners or employees.

If you bring someone to the platform and they get on a subscription plan, then you’ll get a percentage of that revenue share.

The company doesn’t have the traditional limits that most crowdfunding companies use.  Instead of a percentage of the funding, it’s a flat rate fee a month.

SmashFund Review – What is the cost and compensation plan?

It is $149 to join SmashFund.

Each member receives $50 for their personally enrolled members.

When their personally enrolled members sign someone up, then you will receive $4 for each person.  Also known as your Level 2 or Tier 2.  SmashFund refers these people as your viral connections.  Each account has a 1600 cap for their level 2 commissions.

It appears that your network is your downline and affiliates.

I have watched many videos on SmashFund.  Every video proclaims that you should be able to get 5 people in your first day.  Then within 6 days, you should be making $1000s when they bring 5 of their friends and family.  Watch your crowd grow, and fund your project.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

SmashFund – Conclusion

Can you make money with SmashFund?  Of course!  As long as you can bring people in, then you can make money!

It sounds great until you get your 5 people, and exhaust your warm market.   Your warm market is your friends and family.

Rob Towles said, “Everyone fails because they cannot fund their project.”  I have to disagree with this statement.

He claims you just have to build a massive user base.  Most people fail, because they do not know how to generate traffic to their opportunity.

Honestly, if you are struggling in business, because you cannot generate traffic.  Then you’ll still be in the same position.

If you are serious about making money online, then ask yourself these questions.

Do you think your friends and family want to hear about another opportunity?

Are you tired of failing, because you can’t get people into your opportunity?

Do you want to learn how to properly generate traffic with people who are looking for your opportunity?

Do you want someone to personally show you how to make money online, and never go back to your 9-5?

You aren’t the only one feeling this way.   I have been there, and I have the answer for you.

to find out how new internet marketers are having success!

People that are brand new to network marketing are succeeding.  After they learn how to drive traffic to their funnel.

Every one that signs up receives one on one coaching!  Which is why newbies are having such great success!!

Please feel free to share, and leave a comment below with your experience with SmashFund.

Just so you know that I am a real person, connect with me on social media!




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