Lady Godiva Beauty Review – Legit Make-Up Business or Huge Scam?

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Welcome to this Lady Godiva Beauty Review.

I started researching this company August 30, 2017, but honestly got so annoyed with all the negatived reviews.  It wasn’t like when I started researching Younique.   Quite a bit has changed since then, so I am glad I waited to publish this for you all. 

Lady Godiva Beauty Review – Company Overview

Lady Godiva Beauty is cosmetics company, started by Camille Milke on October 28, 2016, the anniversary of her daughters death.  The company provides skin care and beauty products in hopes to make women stonger, more confident, and more independent.  Their idea is to revolutionize network marketing with their products and business, without any requirements or commitments.  Which isn’t quite true, so please continue reading.

The company’s website says the CEO is Camille Lisa and my google research says Camille Milke.

Join Lady Godiva Beauty as a , or build a business as a beauty.

Everyone gets a free website, whether they are a customer or a Beauty.  Customers can use their website as a referral link and earn product credit and discounts off of their own beauty purchases.  Beauties will also earn discounts off of their own purchases; as well as commissions on their down lines’ sales.

Make sure you read until the end, so you can see all of the research I have done for you.  It actually gets pretty interesting, and I hope it helps you make the best decision.

Lady Godiva Beauty Review – Products

All the products are said to be manufactured in the United States, and gluten and cruelty free.

  • Swoosh Airbrush System & Foundation
  • Liquid Powder Foundation
  • Blush
  • Lip gloss
  • Lipstick
  • Eye shadow
  • Eye Liner & Liquid Eye Liner
  • Magical Mermaid Collection
  • Moisturizer
  • Eye & Lip Treatment
  • Collagen Serum
  • Face & Body Cleanser

Lady Godiva Beauty Review – Shipping Information

Shipping is $5.00 no matter how much the order comes out to, which isn’t bad at all.  It’s much better than $25.00, which is what their shipping was on every order a month or so ago.

There is information online about delayed shipping information, and products on back order.

Lady Godiva Beauty Review – Cost To Join

Lady Godiva Beauty was free to join for a limited time as an independent contractor, and you could pre-order one of their business kits for $99, plus $5 shipping and any other taxes involved.

You do not become an employee for Lady Godiva Beauty when you join the company.

Lady Godiva Beauty Review – Business Starter Kit – $99 To Join

  • Infinity Pack + Starter Pack
  • The Great Cover Up Contour Kit
  • Drama Queen HD Lashas Mascara
  • Cat Eyes Liquid Liner Pen
  • Eye Love Liner Pencil
  • (2) Leading Ladies Liquid Matte Lips
  • Leading Ladies Lip Liners (2)
  • Luxury Glass Lips Lip Shine (2)

Each Package did come with a black and white striped make up trunk, but as of today I am not seeing anything on the Lady Godiva Beauty website about it.  Although I did see many complaints online about ladies never receiving their trunks, because they were on back order for a long time.

Lady Godiva Beauty Review – Compensation Plan

Lady Godiva Beauty refers to their compensation plan as an Incentive Plan.

As a customer, you can earn a 10% incentive that you can only use to make purchases from Lady Godiva Beauty.

As a Beauty, you earn 20% incentive paid to you on all your first level team members, 5% for your second level team members. Once you advance to a Royal Beauty consultant then you’ll also receive 25% for your first level team members. All Beauties also receive a 20% discount for retail purchases within Lady Godiva Beauty.

If one of your customers refers people to their links, then their 10% commission will roll up to you.

Lady Godiva Beauty Review – Rankings & Commissions

The company’s website claims they are revolutionizing network marketing without requirements or commitments, but these rankings require you to hit certain numbers before you can make more money.

  • Beauty: 20% commission and only pays on first level team members.
  • Elite Beauty: 20% commissions and start earning 5% on second level team members.  Earn up 25%.
  • Noble Beauty: 20% commission and start earning 2 levels deep on your downline.  Earn up 30%
  • Royal Beauty: 25% commissions for your first level team members.   Start earning 4 levels deep on your downline.  Earn up to 37% total.
  • Crown Beauty: 25% commissions on your first level members and earn 5 levels deep earning up to 38%.
  • Diamond Beauty: 25% commissions on your first level members and earn 5 levels deep earning up to 38%.
  • Black Diamond Beauty: 25% commissions on your first level members and earn 5 levels deep earning up to 38%.

Lady Godiva Beauty Review – No Requirements or Commitments?

At least there are not any requirements to become a beauty, and make money online.  It’s the most difficult when someone new is starting out.  If you already have a following, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

That’s why I said it wasn’t exactly true that there wasn’t any requirements involved in Lady Godiva Beauty Incentive Plan.

An affiliate does not have to make a monthly purchase to maintain their affiliate status as a Beauty, which I am a fan of those kind of businesses!  When I love the products, then I tend to continue ordering them anyway.

If you want to advance in ranks in the Lady Godiva Beauty incentive program, then you must build a team and teach them to a build a team.  If you want to get paid for your level 2 down line members, then you must become an Elite Beauty.

Accounts that haven’t made at least $99 in purchases or sold anything in 90 days will go inactive, so the company doesn’t have to maintain the website fees.

Lady Godiva Beauty Review – Is This Business A Scam?

I honestly do not think this business is a scam.  Since the beginning of my research, Lady Godiva Beauty has increased their compensation plan.  Before a Beauty started out earning a 10% incentive, and now it’s 20% when you start out as a Beauty.   If you are passionate about make-up, then this may just be the business for you!  There really is only one way to find out if a company is for you and that is to sign up and test the company out.

Below is the break down of how the program works:

The course involves a very user-friendly and easy process.

Sign up for $3 and in ​3​ ​days​ ​you​ ​can​ have a​ ​6​ ​figure​ ​business plan​ ​set​ ​up​ ​on​ ​Amazon.

  • Shows​ ​model​ ​of​ ​making​ ​money​ ​on​ ​amazon.
  • How to open​ ​your ​amazon​ ​account.
  • Find​ ​profitable​ ​products.
  • How​ ​to​ ​list​ ​a​ ​product.
  • How to ship​ ​products​ ​into​ ​an​ ​Amazon​ ​warehouse.

No monthly fee’s or quotas like personal volumes you have to meet or maintain either.

Start your business today for only $3 by clicking here.

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