It Works Review – Body Wraps Legit or Huge Scam?

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Welcome to my It Works Body Wraps Review.

It Works is company in the home based business industry.

You’ve probably seen people talking about these “crazy wrap things” on social media, which prompted you to search for information.   You have come to right place, because I am going to cover every aspect of what this business does, how you can make money, and how much money you can make.

I am not an It Works distributor, so this review is my unbiased opinion.  Continue reading to find out if this is the right business for you.

It Works – What is it?


It Works was founded in 2001 by Mark & Cindy Pentecost.  The family was struggling to make ends meet, and decided to start a home based business.  Within 5 years, Mark was one of the top earners within a home-based business opportunity in the telecommunications industry.

Mark and Cindy Pentecost started the It Works Global company with the passion to offer an opportunity for people to dream big and live on their own terms.   In 2001 The Ultimate Body Applicator was born.

The company’s revenue soared from $27 million in 2010 to $538 million in 2014, according to numbers provided by It Works. 

It Works – Products

It works is known for their Ultimate Body Applicator, also known as Body Wraps.

Body wraps are used on several areas of the body, to tighten and tone, minimize cellulite and improve skin texture.  The wraps are worn for 45 minutes.  For best results, you’ll need to wear a wrap each week for 4 weeks.  According to It Works the wraps are, “ that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming”  The wraps range from $15-25 per wrap.

Customer’s use these in conjunction with the defining gel for best results.  Then the skin is hydrated and toxins are flushed from skin cells.

The company also has a nutritional supplements’ that curb your appetite and accelerates hair and nail growth.   They also have drinks, shakes, essential oils, and many other things for your health.

It Works’ provides natural and botanically-based products.

It Works – What’s A Wrapreneur & How Do I Join?

A Wrapreneur is an It Works distributor that sells the products through catalogs, social media, and hosting wrap parties at home.

Follow the 3 steps to success for ultimate success.   Then you can have a fun flexible job, get out of debt, and eventually get rich.

Business Builder Kit includes:

  • Half size Fab Wrap (1)
  • Defining Gel 1/2 oz. Sample (4 pack)
  • Ultimate Body Applicator (4 pack)
  • #IW Adventure Bracelet (1)
  • Country-specific Business Tools
  • 1st Month eSuite and replicated website free
  • Makes you commission qualified for the month you join

It works does not guarantee any results or a money back guarantee.

You must set up an auto-shipment for 3 months when you join as a distributor.

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It Works – Your Customer Base

I want to discuss the different types of customers, before we dive into their compensation plan in It Works.

  1. Retail Customers are customers that make one time purchases at retail price. Distributors earn their individual mark up on each order.
  2. Loyal Customers are customers that sign up with It Works for a minimum 3-month auto ship, but they receive wholesale pricing on the products. Loyal customers qualify you to earn commissions in the It Works compensation plan.
  3. Distributors are team members that have completed the Distributor enrollment process and interested in starting their own business. You will earn commissions on their orders and orders in their downline for levels that you qualify for.   Remember that statement, “levels that you qualify for.”

Loyal customers must commit to 3-month auto-shipment, or make a $50 membership payment with one order.

I tried to find out what would happen if you canceled your auto-ship before the 3-month time period.   It appears that they will just cancel your account completely.

A loyal customer that paid the $50 membership fee can upgrade to a distributor for free under any distributor they chose.

Which means that your loyal customers can just switch to anyone they please after you have done all that work of making them love the products.

It Works will waive the fee if the loyal customer hasn’t paid it.  The loyal customer must sign up under the distributor their account is currently under.

Now let’s get down to the compensation plan.

It Works – Compensation Plan

Like all network marketing and direct sales businesses.  A distributor is paid commissions when you bring other people into the company, and when they bring in new people to the business.

In order to become commission qualified in your first 30 days, you must have at least 150 Personal Business Volume for the month and your minimum 80 BV auto shipment.

Distributors can earn wrap rewards of one wrap for every 2 qualified active loyal customers you enroll.

Earn a fast start bonus of $100 for every distributor you enroll who is fast start bonus qualified in their first 30 days.  You must also qualify for the fast start bonus.

Here is how to become qualified:

  • Purchase the Business Builder Kit.
  • Accumulate 150 Personal Business Volume or process an 80 Bonus volume auto-shipment in your first 30 days.
  • Enroll 2 qualified active loyal customers during your first 30 days.


It Works pays 10% commissions for level one and two distributors.  As you crawl up the rankings, you can make 2-5% through your sixth level.

Once you hit the diamond levels then you’ll receive another 1-4% for particular levels.

It Works Review – Conclusion

There is no research that proves It Works Body Wraps actually work.  The company doesn’t claim any research exists either.

The results are only temporary.  A customer could receive the same results through diet and exercise.

I personally didn’t notice any difference when I tried the wraps for four weeks to make this It works Review.

It Works is rated a B+ by The Better Business Bureau.  The biggest problem appears to be distributors not disclosing the 3 month auto-shipment and being charged the cancellation fee.

The compensation plan doesn’t pay much.  Affiliate programs usually pay between 40-50% for your first level.

The majority of distributors are making less than $300 a month.  In fact, in 2015 It Works income disclosure agreement stated their distributors earned an average $189 a month.  Check out the picture below.

The purpose of this review isn’t stating that you can’t make money in this business.

I am confident if one learned how to properly market their business, then he or she would be successful.

The company does not teach you how to effectively market your business, so you are dependent upon your warm market.  Your warm market is your friends and family.

We all know our friends and family do not want to hear about another one of our businesses.  Especially if we have failed in the past.

My twin sister failed in direct sales years ago; she is still skeptical about making money online, even when I showed her proof while we were at the zoo that I made $800.

Ask yourself these questions..

Are you tired of failing in home based businesses?

Are you tired of bugging your friends and family?

Do you want to learn how to properly make money online?

Do you want someone to personally show you how to make money online, and never go back to your 9-5?

I have the answer for you, and here is proof of one of my commissions.  Just in case.

to find out how new internet marketers are having success!


People that are brand new to network marketing are succeeding.

Every one that signs up receives one on one coaching!  Which is why newbies are having such great success!!

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Please feel free to comment and share any experiences or opinions you have on It Works Body Wraps.  I love hearing others’ opinions, even if it isn’t the same as mine.


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