Chalky and Company Review – Everything About This Paint Business

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Chalky and Company Review – Everything About This Paint Business

Welcome to my Chalky and Company Review.

My biggest dilemma with direct sales businesses is when I find something interesting and I have to look all over the world for information about the company’s products, compensation plan, and anything else that I need to know.

Make sure you read until the end, because I’ve got all the information you need about this company.

Chalky and Company Review

Chalky and Company Review – Company Overview

What is Chalky and Company?  Chalky and Company was launched in 2015 by the Dumont family of Monmouth, Maine, as a direct sales company that specializes in chalky paint.  It was originated as a family business to bring families and friends together with home workshop parties, and teach people how to make crafting and painting projects.

Chalky and Company Review – Products

Painter’s Choice + Painter’s Powder = Chalky Paint

Painter’s Powder is a white powder made up of all-natural ingredients, and made in the USA.   It can be added to any type of paint and mixed to create that vintage or shabby chic look.  There is minimal drying time, and a little paint goes a long way.

Chalky & Company offers a wide variety of products, including paint kits, paints, brushes, embellishments, accessories, glazes and finishes.  Everything you need to finish your product, and clean up in the end.  Paints do include latex.

Country Scents Candles is now starting to offer Chalk Paint, and it’s FREE to join right now.  It’s worth a try! 

Chalky and Company Review

Chalky and Company Review – Cost to Join as a Consultant

It is $99.00 to join Chalky and Company as an Independent Consultant, and receive a $200.00 value starter kit to start doing workshops.  That doesn’t include any other supplies you may need for your workshop parties.

Start Kit

Chalky and Company Review

Bonus is a Chalky and Company Independent Kit with Stencil, and this is subject to change at any time.

Each consultant receives a replicated website for free for the first three months, then you’ll be charged a $10.00 fee on a monthly basis.

Consultant are required to hit $150.00 in sales during one month on a three month rolling basis. It is required to hit $150.00 in sales during every single month, but $140 three months in a row will not qualify you.

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Chalky and Company Review – Compensation Plan

Each Consultant earns a 25% commission on all retail sales, and can increase in ranks to receive a 5% raise in commissions.

Chalky and Company Review

As a consultant starts to build their down-line, a consultant can rank up to Discovery consultant and earn a 5% raise in commission to 30% commissions on all retails sales.

In order to be a Discovery consultant, you must have $500.00 in personal sales, $1200.00 in group wholesales sales, and two active consultants on your down-line with at least a minimum of $150.00 in sales.

Chalky and Company Review – Conclusion

Overall, it looks like an okay company to promote.  If you are passionate about doing crafts and projects, and teaching others how to do them also.  Painting workshops may the perfect business for you.  It isn’t a company I would join, because of all the negativity I experienced from writing this review.

It was really difficult to find all the information I wanted for this company.  I sent many consultants messages with the same questions, and I even sent the same message to the corporate Facebook account.  I mostly got generic answers and pictures that still didn’t make sense without an explanation.  Finally, a consultant that quit explained most of it to me.  Thankfully, even though she is no longer with the company.

Chalky and Company Review

If you do not want to spend $99 to start your own business today, then here is my #1 recommendation.  Start your business today for only $10 by clicking here.

Below is the breaking down of how the program works:

The affiliate program involves a very user-friendly and easy process.

When you complete the sign-up process for their affiliate program, an affiliate link will be provided to you for marketing the company’s products.

Through this link, when a customer clicks on it, they will be redirected to their sales page, and if the customer eventually buys the product you will get paid a commission for the sale.

No monthly fee’s or quotas like personal volumes you have to meet or maintain either.

Start your business today for only $10 by clicking here.

To Your Success,


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  • Reply Anonymous November 21, 2017 at 10:33 am

    As someone who was in this “business” I can assure you that it is anything but. This was an overhyped basement hobby that was used to try to generate what I see as a failing business. I’ve been in Direct Sales for over a decade, I’m a sales executive by trade, and this is by far the most backward, poorly ran company I have ever seen.

    Since leaving I’ve had wild success with my new venture, and prior to being with them I had never had an issue having success with other companies. The product they provide is overpriced and poor quality, the “customer service” is atrocious, and the ego as shown by Buffy herself even in this post is pretty ridiculous.

    I’d run from this company, personally. I already did, and I encourage others to do the same.

  • Reply Buffy Dumont November 18, 2017 at 7:11 am

    We would love to answer your questions. Many of our Independent chalky & company consultants had received your questions and because there were many consultants inboxed, this appeared as spam and held back on answering.
    Although we appreciate your “review”, we are a Direct Selling company start-up of two years but would LOVE another review once our manufacturing building is complete and our space goes from 800 square feet to 5000. So you see although we are very small and growing wildly, our Consultants are humble, kind, and absolutely irreplacable. They appreciate that we have Special Needs Adults who we work directly with not only teaching skills but Guving life to our daily work place of happiness and serving hearts, our consultants are working double time to brand their areas because when a new company launches it requires extra marketing and branding and consistency.
    Ever Direct Selling company begins small unless you have large investors but we chose, front the start, to begin organically and debt free.
    While I appreciate your “review”, understanding more would help assist you to be far more factual as well as informative in assisting others to join or not to join.
    We love your attempt to review DS companies but in speaking with our Direct Selling CEO circle peer group we would love to see you speak with vested consultants such as founders or even consultants that have originated with the company for a better vision of where the DS is, where they came from and where they intend to be.
    We wish you much success from our little Town of Monmouth Maine where we humbly started a business out of our basement and climbing humbly to growing New Englands First DS company.

    With Chalky Love
    Buffy Dumont

    • Reply MarketingMom November 20, 2017 at 4:02 pm

      Please inform me what isn’t factual about my review. I find it hard to believe you knew I messaged all those consultants, unless they refer back to you what messages they receive every day. The only reason you know that is because I wrote it in my review. Launched two years ago by the Dumont family, etc is all located in the review. I tried to understand more about the company, hence why I reached out to so many consultants. I was actually really interested when I started my review. It seemed like a really interesting concept for a business until all the negativity of information. I like to refer all the information and my experience to people. It’s real. I’m sorry that was my experience, but I wasn’t going to sugar coat to anyone. Hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you.

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