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One thing I have learned while running a home business, is you need the Best Organizing Apps and tools to help you leverage your time and save your memory.  Time is of the essence, so learning how to manage it is crucial.  It’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed and like you are working in no direction with so few hours in the day, children, daily chores, hundreds of unread messages, and projects left unfinished.


Best Organizing Apps and Tools 2016

People ask me all the time, “How do you do everything in a day?”

Set up a system that enables you to spend the right amount of time doing income producing tasks.  While making it easy to do the other tasks, and manage what you do with your time.  Set business goals for yourself, think about what your business is right now, what you want it to be one year from now, and the steps you need to get there.   I set a goal for one month, six months, and one year.  My goal for one year was to make $50,000.  I made $56,122 my first 12 months in my home business.

Create a plan of action to meet your goals.  Start with your one-year goal, and work your way to today.  I used a paper planner to write down my daily to do list when I started my business.  Every day was planned out with the same tasks that I completed on a daily basis.  In addition, I could always add any extra activities or appointments when I needed to.  It helped me work efficiently and productively being able to refer back to the day before.  That way if I didn’t get to an important task, then I could start with that one the following day.

During my first year of business, I decided to switch to apps and tools on my computer to save time.   So, here’s some of my favorite and tools.


Best Organizing Apps

  1. RescueTime
  • RescueTime is a time management app that tracks the time you spend on different applications and websites.
  • There is a Lite: free forever membership, or $9 per month for the pro membership.
  • First of all using this tool, you can look at detailed reports and data based on your activity on any given day.
  • Helps you easily spot those things that are sucking hours right out of your day.
  • You can set alerts and block your most distracting sites.  In my opinion, this makes this one of the Best Organizing Apps because I can get distracted on social media often.
  1. Trello
  • A collaboration tool that organizes all of your projects and tasks into visually appealing, easy-to-use boards.
  • Best of all is it’s Free to use!
  • It makes every single one of your projects incredibly visual; with different columns and cards that can be dragged and dropped between them, Trello makes it easy to keep track of even your biggest, scariest tasks and assignments.

Best Organizing Apps Check list Apps

  • Focuses on showing you all your tasks for the day and lets you quickly check off, delegate, or move them.
  • There is a Free version, plus an affordable premium version.
  • You can sync up on a lot of devices.
  • It has a modern appearance.
  • It has a lot of really useful views, especially on a mobile device, that a lot of tools don’t offer.
  • Does have good recurring task abilities.
  1. 24me
  • If you are forgetful like me, then you need a virtual personal assistant that works like a second brain.
  • 24me auto-generates reminders so you will never miss an important meeting or event, or forget to pay a bill.
  • 24me combines your calendar, to-do lists and notes all in one easy to use, clutter free app.
  • It syncs with other apps like Facebook to send messages to your friends on their birthday in case it slipped your mind (Which is absolutely amazing in business!!!!!), lets you share notes with coworkers or friends, and combines just about every part of your life into one package.

Best Organizing Apps 2016

  1. Remember The Milk
  • Remember The Milk is a smart to-do app for busy people.
  • Create lists of tasks live.
  • At the top, there is a incomplete and completed lists of your tasks.
  • You can share your lists with family or business partners to get things done together.
  • Computer and mobile apps access.
  1. Cozi –
  • Cozi is free, but offers a premium version.
  • Keeps all activities and appointments all in one place.
  • I love that you can create grocery lists, and send them to family members.
  • Create chore lists for your children.
  • Store recipes just in case you need to quickly add ingredients to your grocery lists.
  • Access from computers or phone apps.
  1. Routines
  • Home Routines is an app for managing tasks you repeat.
  • You create lists of routines that need to be done around the same time or day.
  • These remind you when you need them, and you mark each task as complete.
  • This is great because it helps you stay on a cleaning schedule for your home.

Best Marketing Apps and Tools

  1. Zapier
  • Zapier lets you build workflows to link all of your favorite, commonly-used apps together to perform specific actions.
  • The cost is Free, but there is a premium membership for $20 per month.
  • Zapier allows you to easily automate those time-sucking tasks, so you can focus your attention on more important things!
  • Think automatically sharing your blog posts on LinkedIn or instantly saving Gmail attachments to Google Drive.
  1. LastPass
  • LastPass is a password manager that makes it easy for you to access your accounts, white not compromising your security.
  • The cost is Free, or a premium membership for $12 per year.
  • You just need one master password to instantly gain access to all of your other accounts.
  • LastPass can generate super strong passwords
  1. Unroll.Me
  • Unroll.Me helps you cut through all of that clutter in your inbox.
  • The cost is Free!!
  • When you sign up, you’ll see all of your subscription emails in a neat list, making it easy for you to quickly unsubscribe from the ones you no longer want to receive.
  • You will receive just one daily message containing all of those different email newsletters in one neatly packaged email.

These Best Organizing Apps and Tools are sure to make a big difference in your business, your home life, and your sanity.

To Your Success,

The Marketing Mom

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